Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Part Fifteen (Two Straight Thursdays?)

Utah is a pretty good football team, which explains why I placed money on them going undefeated at 40/1 odds. But they're not great - not by any stretch. They didn't bury a lousy Michigan team, and they needed a late score to finish off the Fighting Falcons of Air Force. When they played I-AA Weber State (alma mater of the legendary Harold "The Show" Arceneaux), the final was 37-21.

As for Oregon State, I'm not really sure. They might be pretty decent, they might stink. More than likely the Beavers will finish the year playing in a forgettable bowl game in the middle of December. Regardless, they pounded USC last Thursday on national television. They ran the ball right down USC's throat with stud freshman Jacquizz Rodgers and--aside from the first few possessions of the third quarter--didn't really panic. They were really impressive, and if I'm an Oregon State fan, I'm excited about the future.

Tonight the Beavers visit Utah, and the line shouldn't be much higher than seven points. At 11.5, it is. One week after man-handling USC they're getting 11.5 points from a team who doesn't exactly get the betting public hot 'n' steamy. Why? I doesn't know, and I think the line is too high, but that's precisely the reason Craig and I are laying the points.

Thursday Vickers selection: Utah (-11.5) vs. Oregon State.

Season record: 21-10-1

-Brad Spieser (