Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe Buck Needs To Be Stopped

Rays reliever J.P. Howell came out of the pen to pitch the 7th inning of game 1 of the 2008 World Series. Joe Buck, and I'm paraphrasing, had this to say:

'...and in comes J.P. Howell, who has been as valuable as any member of this Rays team.'

Let me stop you right there, Mr. Buck...NO! Not even close.

J.P. Howell had nice numbers and all - 2.22 ERA, 92 K's - but he only participated in 89 of roughly 1,500 innings. Eighty-Nine! 1,500! Let's do some math...

Evan Longoria played in 1,055 innings, hitting 27 HRs and playing Gold Glove third base - slightly more valuable than Howell.

B.J. Upton (1,248 innings) had a .383 OBP and was second in the American League in outfield assists - slightly more valuable than Howell.

Carlos Pena (1,186 innings) jacked 31 dingers and drove in over 100 runs - slightly more valuable than Howell.

And that's not to mention the Rays' starters, all of whom were more valuable than Howell.

Want more proof? After recording two outs in the 7th, Howell was lifted when Shane Victorino (and his 34 career HRs) came to the plate.

Ladies and gentlemen...Joe Buck...just another high-priced broadcaster who runs his mouth and treats his audience like a bunch of idiots.

-Brad Spieser (