Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do You Honk Your Horn In Traffic Jams?

1. How do you speak to people when you're in a time of need? And by "time of need," I mean Nick Van Exel and his mom are going to be on Wheel of Fortune together, it starts in two minutes and I need someone to tape it. Things like that used to happen all the time in my teens and I'm pretty sure my parents should've disowned me after the first time. Instead, they just told me to "change my tone." Still haven't.

2. Do screaming and acting irrationally get the desired results? I say YES. You should have heard me barking orders Monday at the young Pakistani lady who happened to be a tech support supervisor for Dell. Yeah, I'm somewhat embarrassed about my behavior, and my roommate will never look at me the same, but I'd still be on hold had I not started shouting.

3. Have you ever honked your horn when you were stuck in a traffic jam? Craig does this a lot, and seems to think it's the right way to handle a helpless situation. And you's guys can here all about it on our short podcast, honking the horn in traffic jams. Come to think of it, Craig reminds me a little bit of Michael Douglas in Falling Down...

and a little bit like Johnny Drama...

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)