Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kurt Cobain Was Smart Enough To Kill Himself

Knowing when to kill yourself is important. It's also a skill. The following three people should have taken a lesson from Kurt Cobain:

1. Kurt Warner - If he kills himself the night before the '01 Super Bowl, a game the Rams lost to double-digit underdog New England, there's a wing at the Hall of Fame named after Kurt Warner.

2. Terrell Davis - He'd be considered one of the ten best RBs in history had he blown his brains out before the '99 season.

3. Tom Brady - Brady will always be considered one of the game's great players - so his legacy is safe to a certain extent - but a bullet in his head on the eve of the Super Bowl loss to the Giants and the "Top QB of all time" debate is moot.

It's an odd thing to talk about, and maybe Kurt Warner has friends and relatives who would like to see him take a few thousand more breaths, but it doesn't mean I'm wrong. Which is why you should listen to our latest podcast, kurt cobain was smart enough to kill himself, and thank me later.

(Help: Email me if you have good examples of famous people who should have killed themselves.)

-Brad Spieser (


Daniel Phillips said...

You have reached a new level of hilarious. Just a suggestion, Pete Rose probably should've killed himselft. Maybe he'd be in the hall of fame.

Daniel Phillips said...

And apparently i'm an idiot who can't type the word "himself"

Twin Killing dot Com said...

Excellent call, young man