Thursday, October 16, 2008

Italian Composers + Young Blacks = A World Of Perfect Harmony

I've always known three things about "The Ecstasy of Gold"...

1. It's the best song off The Good, the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack.

2. Metallica plays a version of it to open up all their shows.

3. It forces me to drive faster than any other song (a fact that surprises everyone who knows that about me).

So, if you couple the above information with the fact that LaDainian Tomlinson will always be my favorite non-Bengal (he carried two of my keeper-league teams for the majority of this decade), it's probably not difficult to imagine my knees buckling the first time I saw this wonderful commercial (try to ignore the hip hop injection):

Now, the Metallica version (which is sporadically awesome, but not nearly as good as Ennio Morricone's soundtrack version):

-Brad Spieser (