Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Unrealistic Movie Scene (Rocky III)

I'm not positive, but I'm guessing this is the only site in the world with two separate Rocky III posts in the last three days. Which is exciting news for everyone involved, I think.

Today's focus: Mickey's death.

Mickey's death in Rocky III has always driven me nuts. Let's break down a couple of things you won't see on the video below:

Before either fighter entered the ring, a heated exchange broke out between the Clubber Lang camp and the Rocky Balboa camp. In the middle of the chaos was Rocky's trainer, Mickey, who was shoved into a pole by the Lang. No big deal, right? I mean, yeah, he was really old, but being shoved into a pole shouldn't have put his life at risk.

Except it did. Thus begins my biggest problem with Rocky III.

From the time Mickey was pushed until the time he took his final breath, the following things took place:

1. Pre-fight introductions.

2. National anthem (maybe).

3. Ten rounds of boxing (three minutes each, plus a minute between rounds).

4. End-of-fight stuff (I'm not a big boxing fan - forgive me for not knowing everything that happens)

That's probably 45-60 minutes. And the whole time the trainer of the most popular fighter in the world was dying on a bench in the locker room. Again...THEY WERE AT A FREAKING HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE BOUT! That place had to be crawling with paramedics, and yet Mickey received no medical attention whatsoever. None! Ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous, Rocky returned from a ten-round bloodbath at the hands of Mr. T only to be told by some dickhead in the locker room that Mickey needs to get to a hospital. You think so, fella? Thanks for the tip. How much do I owe ya?

(What did Mickey die from, anyway? Back pain? Being old?)

Also: How about the fact that Balboa even went through with the fight? That would never happen. Maybe if Mickey had died two weeks before the fight - okay, I can see that. It still woulda had the same effect on him (and us). But ten minutes before the fight? Really?

Detractors of the Rocky films always point out the over-the-top (pun me) fight scenes. But nobody ever mentions Mickey's death, which is far crazier than Balboa taking 385 direct hits to the skull from Ivan Drago...and winning. See for yourself:

-Brad Spieser (