Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Part Nineteen (Faith Remains Strong)

For those of you scoring at home...

The Vickers System took a bit of a hit this weekend, and our record now stands at 25-18. Regardless, we're keeping the faith and whatnot. Also, we want to kill ourselves.

Because, as shitty as Purdue is, they scored a late touchdown against Penn State to close the gap to fourteen - our money was on the Boilers getting 13.5 points. All we needed was the goddamn extra point. Shank. Wide left. Loss. Me hate my life. This was the same terrible kicker who missed two easy field goals earlier in the contest - and Lord Vickers would've absolved all of it had he just kicked an oblong ball through the uprights from approximately nineteen yards away. Whatever. Asshole.

Speaking of people I hate...

As Arkansas had all but locked up a cover (we had them getting 24.5), Urban Meyer had his Gators running hurry-up offense with a 24-point advantage. Sure enough, with one minute remaining, Jeffrey Demps, one of Florida's regulars, took one 48 yards for a miracle cover.

Trust me, for a man who has bet on thousands of sporting events over the last decade, I can safely say that both of these losses crack my top twenty list of heartbreaking defeats.

(Which explains why I posted a picture of Urban Meyer's daughter, the brunette, at the top of this post. I would've posted a picture of Purdue's kicker's girlfriend, but there's no way that idiot has ever seen a naked girl in his life.)

-Brad Spieser (