Monday, October 20, 2008

The Return Of Unrealistic Movie Scenes

I had so much fun posting the ridiculousness (or perhaps, the ridiculosity) of the first five minutes of Lean on Me that I'd like to make this a running gimmick (suggestions welcomed).

Today's slightly unrealistic movie moment: The opening scene from 1991's The Last Boy Scout, a football movie featuring a five-minute stretch that includes (a.) players with gigantic shoulder pads, (b.) a guy on a stretcher, (c.) horses, (d.) the star player taking phone calls at halftime on "line 3," and knowing exactly what it means, (e.) the star player apparently fixing games by promising a bunch of TDs as opposed to taking a dive, (f.) Lynn Swann interviewing a greedy owner in a driving rainstorm and asking about the death of professional football, (g.) I don't want to spoil the rest if you haven't seen it...

-Brad Spieser (