Monday, October 13, 2008

Funniest Video In The History Of Videos

The following things have something very special in common:

1. "Nigga go to hell!"

2. Guns N' Roses.

3. Black on black crime.

4. A toilet thrown out the window.

5. A principal or some authority figure being cornered by thugs.

6. A harmless girl's shirt being ripped off, apparently because she was applying make-up (the height of comedy, as far as I'm concerned).

7. Cracked windows and graffiti everywhere.

8. Not so subtle drug dealings.

9. A teacher being the victim of an old-fashioned wrestling move.

10. A young black boy getting stuffed in the locker because he wasn't "black enough."

Any guesses? If your answer was the first five minutes of Lean on Me you are the big winner of various prizes. (Note: I would've also accepted "something infinitely more intriguing than watching Ryan Fitzpatrick suck.")

Listen, Road House is often mentioned as an example of a ridiculous yet watchable movie, and I can't argue that. How could you? But I think it's about time another film takes its turn at the top of that list. I don't know if you've ever seen the first five minutes of Lean on Me, but it's easily the most over-the-top directing of the last 100 years of cinema.

Remember, we are led to believe this is just an average day at this high school:

-Brad Spieser (