Friday, October 17, 2008

Gambling 2K8: XXII (College Picks Only)*******UPDATE*******

Rutgers (-1) vs. UConn

Explanation: If you're anything like me, you think UCONN is a pretty good team, and one that might be in line for a BCS game. If you have eyeballs, you undoubtedly know that Rutgers is trash. UCONN should be favored by a field goal, not getting a point. Of course, we're backing the Garden State Community College Fighting Scarlet Knights.

Iowa (-4) vs. Wisconsin

Explanation: Sure, the Badgers have had a rough couple of weeks, but are we really to believe they're all of the sudden four points (or more) worse than Iowa? Man for man, Wisconsin has superior talent, but this spread is more than a field goal for a reason: Vegas wants you to take 'Sconsin. Not me. I gots the Hawkeyes.

Western Michigan (-2) at Central Michigan

Explanation: Allow me to plead ignorance before going any further...I had no idea Western Michigan was 6-1 and undefeated in MAC play. But that's not the way the Brian Vickers System works. When Craig and I see a line that seems a little off - like Dan LeFevour getting points at home - the world stops (possible exaggeration). Either way, before Lord Vickers showed us the path to freedom we'd chase the Chippewas in this contest nine times out of nine. Now? We're staying true to our Savior. Let's Go Broncos (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!)

(UPDATE: Western Michigan is no longer a Vickers selection; Dan LeFevour is out with an injury. I'm guessing that's why the line was so fishy.)

Baylor (+17) at Oklahoma State

Explanation: Forget the fact that Okie State just took Missouri, and focus on how they did holding Chase Daniel to 23 points. When I say nobody saw this coming, I mean nobody saw this coming (italics for emphasis). What's that old saying, "defense doesn't slump?" Well, if Okie State held Mizzouri to just 23 points, then why am I to assume they won't hold the Baylor Fighting Bears to negative-18? Beats the hell out of me. Regardless, we're sticking with Baylor, would be getting anywhere between 21-24 points. Oh well.

Buffalo (-11) vs. the Armal Academy

Explanation: Buffalo should never ever ever ever EEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR be favored by this many points - not even against Army. Thought we all knew this. I know it seems like Buffalo is getting better, but they have a 2-4 record and haven't won a game in over a month. And now you're telling me they need to win by two touchdowns to win me cash? Whatever. This system is dumb.

South Carolina (+2.5) vs. LSU

Explanation (I'm letting Craig take over for this one): "Let's see...LSU has a bunch of fast blacks projected to go in the 1st round of next year's draft, and South Carolina has guys who, despite their own blackness, will be undrafted free agents. LSU should kill them, so we're taking the Gamecocks." Sounds good to me. I'm a big Darius Rucker fan anyway.

*************Duke (+3) vs. Miami************

Explanation: The annoying use of stars doesn't - IN ANY WAY - indicate a Lock of the no no. The stars indicate that I haven't yet placed money on this game yet, as I'm waiting for the line to move up a half-point or more. If it doesn't, we'll take the Blue Devils getting three; if not, I'll let you guys know well in advance of the 3:30 kickoff. Anyway, our reasoning for taking this one is simple: Duke has Duke players and Miami has Miami players, plain and simple. Duke may be improving and Miami might be down, but it's still Duke vs. Miami, and frankly, it's a load of crap that I'm only getting a field goal with Durham's finest.

(UPDATE No.2: This has nothing to do with the Miami-Duke line; it's still parked at a very unreasonable three. But Craig and I found another play...Northern Illionois (-8.5) vs. Toledo. Didn't Toledo beat Michigan last week? Somehow I think they can hold it to a touchdown in DeKalb. Doctor Vickers, however, says otherwise.)

(Don't forget to check back before the Duke-Miami game fires up.)

Season Record: 31-23-1

Brian Vickers is a genius.

-Brad Spieser (