Monday, August 25, 2008

Gambling 2K8: Part One (Changing The Game)

If you'd like to make thousands and thousands and hundreds and dozens of American dollars this autumn, then you've come to the right place. Explain.

My record picking football games against the spread last season was 20-20. Not good, but not terrible. Believe me, as a man who has been on payment plans with several bookies, there is nothing wrong with a .500 winning percentage. Anyway, I'm doing something differently this season - an experiment that is guaranteed to have roughly the same success as any other gambling experiment: The Brian Vickers System. Explain some more.

Forget Brian Vickers for a moment, and focus on Brian Roberts, the recently departed shooting guard of the Dayton Flyers. You may recall one of our better podcasts, dayton guard brian roberts has a big one, and how Craig and I knew--based on a fishy point spread--that Xavier was going to murder Dayton. Essentially Vegas was begging the betting public to wager on Dayton, but Craig and I were far too wise to take the bait.

Fast forward to a few months ago...

My roommate, who kinda sorta follows NASCAR, was checking lines for that night's race (I associate with a plethora of degenerates) and came across a proposition bet he thought was the lock of the millennium: Jeff Gordon vs. Brian Vickers. It was simple - wager on the driver you felt would finish higher. He proceeded to tell me how Gordon was a slam dunk, and I pleaded with him to take Vickers. And why? Because I'd never heard of Vickers, and Gordon is on Pepsi commercials, which means...the betting public is jumping all over Gordon. And in case you forgot, Vegas doesn't lose. Ever.

Long story short, Vickers easily finished ahead of Gordon (of course), and my roommate tried to swallow his tongue. In the end, a system was born.

The Brian Vickers System.

So Craig and I decided to each throw $300 into an online account and test this sucker. Every time we see what appears to be an obvious line (like Gordon straight up vs. Vickers), we go the other way (Vickers).

Stay tuned. And follow us to glory.

-Brad Spieser (