Monday, August 4, 2008

The Snake Returns (Short Podcast)

Quick story: Within days of posting our award winning podcast, craig might not cry if his sister became a dead person, Craig's brother, The Snake, threatened our lives. I wasn't necessarily concerned, as The Snake (pictured above) didn't know where I lived. But Craig? He was terrified. He begged me over and over to pull the podcast from the archive page. I laughed in his face.

Fast forward a bit...

Craig told his side of the story last week during our recording session, but I kept interrupting, and it went way too long, so I kind of just saved the aftermath - which can be heard on fear and loathing on big run.

Stuffs heard on the podcast:

1. Craig grew up on a street called Big Run, in Lucasville, Ohio. But he (and many others) say they come from Big Run, Ohio.

2. A whole bunch of racism takes place on Big Run. Shocker, I know.

3. Nobody likes being made fun of, especially The Snake. Lesson learned.

-Brad Spieser (