Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music By A Rock 'N' Roll Band

I realize I'm expected to comment on the Chris Henry situation. And I know I owe you Bengals and Buckeyes previews - but I haven't had the time. I'm working three jobs at the moment and it's all I can do to catch up on email and watch Johnny Cueto pitch. Feeling sorry for me yet? You should.

In the meantime, listen to "Babydoll," the only tolerable song off Here We Stand, the disappointing second album from the Fratellis.

What happened to the catchy, upbeat pop tunes that worked so well on Costello Music? You know, like this:

Good night.

-Brad Spieser (


Daniel Phillips said...

I dunno if you've seen the clip, but tiki barber dropped the c bomb on national television. Even though it was msnbc, it's still pretty hilarious. He doesnt seem to like being made fun of