Wednesday, August 13, 2008

College Football Name Game: Part Deux (You Won't Believe This)

You have no business buying lottery tickets if you've already won the Powerball - I know this. Come tomorrow, though, I'll be the loathsome jackass in line at UDF waiting to buy Pick Three tickets and Scratch-Offs.

And why?

I just won the freaking Powerball! Explain.

The University of South Carolina football team currently has a human being on their roster by the name of Donte'e Nicholls (pictured above). unprecedented. Has to be, right? Donte'e? If Donte is pronounced Don-tay, then I have to believe Donte'e is pronounced Don-tay-ay.

This world is awesome.

Tomorrow will undoubtedly be a letdown.

-Brad Spieser (