Monday, August 11, 2008

Dunn Traded...Still Waiting For More Information

Like everybody else, I'm searching for information in the aftermath of the Adam Dunn trade. Thus far, Keith Law is really the only guy who offers up more than your garden variety AP report. Whether this deal is ever considered a success might hinge on the players to be named later (which Law mentions). Regardless, I'm happy it's over, but you probably already knew that.

More details on the way (I'm especially waiting for Rob Neyer to weigh in), but here's Keith Law's take for now:

I understand the Diamondbacks were looking to add a left-handed bat, but really, they just needed to add a bat, period, and they did it in a way that will address one of the weakest spots in their lineup by acquiring Adam Dunn from the Reds. The pickup was a no-brainer, and unless one of the players to be named later turns out to be right-handed pitcher Jarrod Parker, the price doesn't appear to be too high for a seven-week rental.


The one prospect we know of who is going back to Cincinnati is Dallas Buck, who was the best prospect in the Cape Cod League in 2004 as a rising sophomore, but who saw his stuff slip under heavy usage at Oregon State and ended up having Tommy John surgery in 2007. Buck is 10 starts into his return, too early to make any judgments about whether he'll be the 87-88 mph sinkerballer he'd become by the time he was drafted or the 91-94 mph sinkerballer he was before he wore down. He's still generating groundballs and throwing strikes, so even throwing in the upper 80s he has big-league value, and makes sense for the Reds as a prospect with some upside due to his injury status.

The Reds were looking at getting two draft picks for Dunn if he departed as a free agent, with zero risk of him accepting an arbitration offer; at the least, they will end up with three prospects rather than two, all of who are already in pro ball and closer to the majors than the two players they might select in next June's amateur draft.

Keep the change, you filthy animals.

-Brad Spieser (
8/11/08 (my birthday and whatnot)