Tuesday, August 12, 2008

College Football Name Game: Part 1 (The Freshmen)

I'd like to punch my mother in the neck for naming me Brad - that lady has no imagination. Take a look at the names of eleven incoming freshmen across the nation:

1. Oregon State RB Jacquizz Rodgers

2. Cal RB Covaughn Deboskie

3. Arizona State WR Kemonte Bateman

4. Penn State OL DeOn'Tae Pannell (my personal favorite)

5. Miami DL Micanor Regis

6. Alabama DL Undra Billingsley

7. Texas DL Kheeston Randall

8. Ohio State LB Etienne Sabino

9. Texas LB Dravannti Johnson

10. Florida LB Lerentee McCray

11. Oregon RB LaGarrette Blount (actually a juco, but a newcomer nonetheless)

This is unfair - I could've been named Undra Spieser. The Gin Blossoms don't know nothing about jealousy.

(Important note: This gimmick will be a mainstay throughout August.)

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)