Friday, November 2, 2007

White People Have No Chance: Part Deux

Follow up on my "White People Have No Chance" post: I always wonder about the lack of outrage for such idiotic comments. Why am I (seemingly) the only one who ever brings it up? I can't answer that question directly but I do have a way to solve the problem, and it is a problem. I started thinking about how a broadcaster could create outrage by changing a few words, but not necessarily the message. What if, say...Bob Costas, while referring to Kevin Curtis, called him a "spectacular honkey" instead of "more athletic than you think." Wouldn't that get the nation's attention? Of course it would...and yet, the difference between the two is negligible. Context is everything.

I am right about this. Anyone disagree? Email:

-Brad Spieser (aka "the original spectacular honkey")


Joe said...

Make a youtube vid of the broadcast and edit what they really meant in captions below. If it blows up on the innerwebs, you've brought light to the problem.