Monday, November 19, 2007

New Podcast, Jerk Peoples

Dear idiots,

I just posted seven minutes of comedic genius (or whatever) on the black media player located four inches north. Go listen to the track titled "my phony politeness is out of control--death to old people," and I'll give you eleven cents if you send me an email explaining why it wasn't worth your time. I'm not kidding...if you didn't enjoy those seven minutes I will write you a check for eleven cents! Or maybe not. Either way, I'm pretty sure that there are worse ways to waste your time in a cubicle.

As for the Bob Marley/Fall Out Boy poll question, my vote went to Fall Out Boy. And I was dead serious.

That's all for now. Tuesday will see--among other things--a revisiting of my Ohio State predictions. I'm only doing this because I was dead right about most of them.

-Brad Spieser (