Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nick Van Exel: A Living Legend

I know you probably already knew this, but it's worth mentioning again: My Hero turned 36-years-old today, which means...It's Celebration Time!

Here's three videos of the greatest left-handed basketball player from Kenosha, Wisconsin! Hooray for You! Exclamation points are plentiful!

First up, a montage of Nickey V's days at UC (note the voice of Thom Brennaman on several calls):

Video No. 2 is a personal favorite. This is from the Lakers' last ever game at the Boston Garden:

And finally, you're treated to a nearly four minute collection of Van Exel's awesomeness:

Anyone else horny?

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)


F.S. said...

I need to get Nick Van Exel to play for the Celtics. The best revenge to get his well deserved ring that he missed out of in L.A. It will be perfect. Somebody please inform Danny Ainge to take him out of retirement.