Monday, November 5, 2007

I Should Never Make Fun of Anybody

Perhaps you've seen the video of the guy who learned how to sing "Stairway to Heaven" backwards. Supposedly this kook spent three months learning how to do this and performed it in front of confused pedestrians who were merely trying to walk down the street. He then played the video in reverse and synced it up to Zeppelin's music and it became something of a YouTube hit. Watch:

When I first saw this a few months back I thought "this dude needs to get a fucking life." Up until Sunday, I hadn't thought about the "Stairway" video since the first time I saw it, which is in the neighborhood of two months ago.

So what happened Sunday, Brad?

Well, I was sent another video where I was able witness another jerk-off accomplish something of absolutely no consequence. Have you seen the video titled "The Insane Quarter Trick?" If not, watch:

Just another dope spending all of his time figuring out how to execute a meaningless trick, right? Wrong. Sort of.

For the first time in my life I'm starting to realize that--while these gents are unquestionably giant bags of douche--they have at least accomplished something, which is more than I've ever been able to say about myself.

It's official, my life has reached an all time low. Suicide watch begins...right now.

(Note: Craig's temper prevented us from podcasting Monday. We rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon, which means there's about a forty percent chance he'll actually follow through.)

-Brad Spieser (