Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lesbian Rock is Sporadically Fantastic

Sometimes I wish I didn't reveal certain things in a public setting. But you can't put toothpaste back in the tube--and since I've already admitted to sitting down while I pee--nothing else matters. There isn't a single admission that could possibly damage my manhood any more than the old sit-and-pee did. That's good news for you, I suppose, because if I ever come out of the closet (or whatever), I'm telling the readers first. I'm cool like that.

Anyway, the lesbian stuff...

I heard Fiona Apple's 1997 hit "Criminal" over the weekend and I haven't been able to stop listening to it. I'm not joking one bit when I say that it's one of the twenty best songs of all time. Hell, even the video is great.

(Video note: For some reason I couldn't embed this video from YouTube, and I had to use the MTV version. This means in order for you to watch the video you'll first have to watch a ten second advertisement. Deal with it. Oh yeah, it also means I couldn't center the video. I will not lose sleep over this.)

Why didn't Fiona Apple become a superstar? Think about it: she's a great singer and she's willing to act whorish in her videos...what else does one need? I need a pop-culture genius to explain her disappearing act; she's far too talented to be irrelevant.

Final note about Apple: she might be the only girl with the "heroin chic" look that I'm legitimately attracted to. When I watch this video, I find myself thinking, "Damn, check out her ribs!"

That's all for now, peoples. I posted a few new podcasts over the weekend. Go listen. Or else I'll blow you up with dynamite.

-Brad Spieser (