Saturday, November 3, 2007

This is Why I Stopped Gambling

It's staring me right in the face, and Vegas knows it. Nebraska is a three-touchdown underdog to perennial whipping boy Kansas. Kansas! Vegas is begging the gambling world to take Nebraska, and yet I still can't hold back. Vegas is telling me it's a loser, but I can't help myself. I'm an idiot. Oh well. Anyway...Kansas plays basketball, not football. And listen, I'm a believer in Mark Mangino and this Kansas team. They're good. I know they're good. They are much much MUCH better than Nebraska. This is even more true now that Nebraska QB Sam Keller is out for the season.'s Nebraska. They play football in Nebraska. They win titles at Nebraska. And now, they're getting three touchdowns from a team with a 700 lb. coach? Please. Gimme the Huskers (+20.5) at Kansas. In all honesty, though, I actually have a reason for selecting this as my NCAA Lock of the Millennium: Kansas is 8-0, and it's about time for them to play in a few close games. Really, that's it. Teams that haven't been there before--like this year's Kansas team--don't just stroll through a season by pummelling everyone on their schedule. Kansas wins, but close. If not, don't say I didn't warn you.

NFL Lock: Tennessee (-4) at Carolina. In depth analysis: Tennessee good, Carolina's QB's crappy.

Come Sunday night, my record this season will be 9-9, or maybe not. Forgive me for not being all that confident.

-Brad Spieser