Monday, April 21, 2008

Whatever It Takes

I've been out of the loop for quite some time. I attended an all-day boozefest at Keeneland Saturday, where there's absolutely no connection to the outside world; just horse racing. I spent my Sunday morning doing something I'm not allowed to talk about (the details aren't important, just know that it kept me away from my computator), followed by spending the rest of the day watching the Reds-Brewers game, all four playoff games, Inside the NBA and an edited replay of the Suns-Spurs beauty.

I also took a nap (see: all-day Keeneland boozefest)

And a basketball game. I played basketball Sunday evening.

My life was okay, I suppose, but I was neglecting this website. I didn't see any other way to live my life, though. I can justify every action I've had since hopping on that bus to Keeneland. My time spent on the Internet Sunday was used to play catch-up, as opposed to writing half-hearted nonsense or posting a mediocre YouTube video. Whatever.

Things soon took a frustrating turn.

Food, water, Internet connection. That about sums it up, right? Well, guess which one I've been without since sometime Sunday night?

This makes things a tad difficult for what I'm trying to accomplish here.

But anyway, I've taken all of my important things (cell phone charger, work pants, etc.) to Mom and Dad's (pictured above) in order to write these words; the Internet be working here.

You see what I do for you people?

Something else you should know: before heading over to this snack haven, I recorded for well over an hour with Craig. I'll have something posted before bedtime. This should excite you (and possibly make you horny).

Stay tuned.

-Brad Spieser (