Sunday, April 20, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Part Deux (God Hates Me)

Magic Johnson is a terrible broadcaster, and one who is prone to hyperbole. I know this. But when he called game 1 of the Spurs-Suns series one of the best games he'd ever seen, well, that grabbed my attention.

Which is why going to Keeneland for a day of (a.) betting on ponies, (b.) drinking in the sun and (c.) running game on lovely young women will always rank as one of the biggest regrets of my adult life.

I can't believe I missed that game.

Leaving the house is almost never a good idea.

(Note: Thanks to the power of DVR I will watch the Spurs-Suns game at some point today. I have to watch the Reds, all four playoff games and mix in a nap, but I'm up to the task. I think. I'll try to give perspective on the game before game 2 fires up Tuesday.)

-Brad Spieser (


daniel said...

best game i've ever seen...and duncan is a beast

Twin Killing dot Com said...

Duncan days as a beast are over. He's since graduated to warrior status.