Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Guys Making Fun of Matt Belisle

Our latest podcast, "two guys making fun of matt belisle," was recorded two hours before Belisle got his head kicked in Monday against the Dodgers of Los Angeles. While neither of us were happy to see it happen, it does make the podcast a little funnier.

Something you might find interesting: Early in the podcast I mention Craig being the voice of the now-defunct Cincinnati Marshals. Well, it's true. He once had a legitimate broadcasting job. And you know what that means...

It means that TwinKilling.com (aka www.TwinKilling.com) has credibility.

So y'all haters can back the f**k up. Or something.

Other areas of business:

Edinson Volquez pitches tonight. Let's see if he can throw less then twenty pitches per inning.

Also, big happenings with the NBA playoffs:

We'll see how Dirk reacts to two full days of much-deserved criticism following the David West face-touching incident. Plus, Phoenix will play game two of the Spurs series with game-seven intensity. Should be awesome (or whatever).

I'll post something later, boys and girls. Keep checking back.

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)