Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stop the Drilling, Stop the Oil (Stop the Cubs)

I can (and do) get bored with baseball pretty quickly. When my team plays its way out of (realistic) contention, I can't watch just for the sake of cheering my team on. Root-root-rooting for the home team is pretty goddamn stupid when they're record is 20-34 (or 36-49, or whatever). But I still watch. I just watch differently.

For instance, had Wednesday's abortion been played in August, and if the Reds had a crummy record, I would have changed the channel the second Josh Foggstein started lobbing turds over the plate. And I only would have changed back to see Phillips or Griffey or Votto hit, but I wouldn't have been too excited; I've seen that act already. Like Huey Lewis, I want a new drug. Last year, it was Josh Hamilton (pardon the pun), and this year it's Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez. Very soon it will be Jay Bruce (I think). But anyway, Cueto and Volquez...they're the current flavors of the month. They're the guys I'll be watching (along with Bruce) if the ships starts sinking in a month or two.

But the Reds are still afloat. So I'm still watching.

And Volquez is pitching this afternoon--on my off day--which makes me a pretty happy boy.

So happy, in fact, that I might try some in-game blogging for the folks stuck in their cubicles. (Note: The operative words in that sentence were might and some. As in, I might be too sleepy to type, and even if I do write in-game words, it won't be a pitch-by-pitch breakdown. Remember, is only interested in C+ material)

Keep checking back.

(UPDATE: Just got summoned to Columbus. There will be no in-game blogging. I'll be listening to Marty for the next three hours. Just like you.)

-Brad Spieser (