Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hi, Hello and Welcome: Part Six

George Grande has only been moderately annoying of late. This explains why I haven't goofed on him in a few days. So, with one week in the books, how about a Leftover Crap edition of "Hi, Hello and Welcome?"

Here are five things Grande did this week that bugged the bloody piss out of me:

1. He called a Toyota Tundra a Ford Tundra on Opening Day until Chris Welsh was forced to correct him on air. This becomes a little funnier every time I see another Toyota Tundra advertisement at GABP.

2. He adds an "r" to Walt Jocketty's last name. Grande calls him "Jockertty" for some reason.

3. He routinely called Edinson Volquez "Edison." (Note: Jeff Brantley does the same thing. Ordinarily I wouldn't make a big deal out of this, but, you know, it's only part of their goddamn job to know the names of the players and front office members.)

4. He called Jimmy Rollins "J.R.," Friday, as if they're tight or something.

5. He called Pat Burrell "Pat the Bat" Sunday. How clever.

-Brad Spieser (