Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gay Sitting and the Legend of Party Keith

Is it gay to sit with your legs tightly crossed? That question is definitively answered in our latest podcast, "gay sitting and the legend of party keith."

Now, you might be wondering about this Party Keith fella...

Without giving much away, I'll tell you this: He's a very gay man who used to see me shirtless on a weekly basis.

Other things "discussed" on the podcast:

Conversation about sitting down in the shower, sitting down to pee and peeing in the shower. Most adult males do not discuss such things even in private. Craig and I do it for the world to here. We are not normal.

We also talk about being approached by a gay guy?

And Craig compares the strength of his wrists to that of Josh Hamilton and Lou Ferrigno.

Also, regrettably, I say the following sentence: "I don't think that's never happened." I meant to say ever, and not never.

I guess I'm a hillbilly after all.

If you pay attention to the poll questions, you no doubt know that I'm going to Talladega Friday morning for a three-day bachelor party. I expect to be punched by a 36-year-old white man wearing an American Flag bandana.

But anyway...

This is what a typical 27-year-old white man (in this case, me) brings to a NASCAR weekend in Alabama:

24 twelve oz. cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

24 twelve oz. bottles of Hudy Delight.

6 sixteen oz. cans of Keystone Light.

1 bottle of Burnett's vodka.

I wanted to buy the shitty stuff, but Kroger must have been fresh out. I suppose the aforementioned high-class beverages will suffice.

Wish me luck!

(Note: I won't update this puppy until Monday evening. This means no conversation on the topics of the NFL draft, the NBA playoffs or the lowly Reds. I'm sure you won't hang yourself based on this news)

Draft thought: If the Bengals draft Sedric Ellis in the 1st round, followed by Fred Davis, Felix Jones or Chris Johnson in the 2nd, I'll be the happiest sun-burnt white guy in all of SW Ohio.

-Brad Spieser (