Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breaking News: Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is a Gay Guy (Maybe)

(Note: I feel kind of slimy doing this. Really, I do. My intentions are to entertain the masses, not to destroy the career of an important political figure, but oh well.)

I remember Craig once telling me how Ohio Governor Ted Strickland was a gay guy. I had forgotten all about it until Strickland's name came up in our most recent recording session.

As you'll hear on the "ted strickland is gay" podcast, we were discussing Craig's skateboarding days in Lucasville, Ohio, the hometown of both he and Strickland. I brought up Strickland's homosexuality, and Craig said, among other things, "where I'm from, it is well known about him being gay."

(Important fact: Craig is actually related to Strickland. They also attended the same high school.)

Also heard on the podcast: Craig's revelation that he honestly wishes he was gay. This is funny when you consider how much he loves calling people faggots.

-Brad Spieser (