Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hi, Hello and Welcome: Part Nine (Italicized Version)

Just because I haven't referenced George Grande in seven days doesn't mean he hasn't been annoying me.

Here's a few things I neglected to post...

Grande called Johnny Cueto Johhny B. Good on multiple occasions. How clever.

Grande also dropped a 1-2-3 for Johnny C. after a quick inning. Jesus, that's annoying.

703. That's the approximate number of times Grande said Buc-O's instead of Pirates over the three-game weekend series with Pittsburgh.

He referred to Bob Gibson as Gibby, as if they're buddies or something.

He also called some retired umpire Spanky somewhere in the neighborhood of forty times during a ten minute in-booth interview. I get it...you know the guy. You're at least somewhat cordial. You know his nickname. You don't need to remind me every five seconds.

Best Grande quote from last week:

"The more you see Jeff Keppinger, the more you like about his approach to the plate. Just very solid. Not spectacular in any way he plays the game, but very solid in...a great team player both in the field and at the plate"

My take: Let me get this straight...Jeff Keppinger is a great team player in the field? Wow! What a special guy! So when a grounder is hit to Ol' Kep, and there's one out and a runner on first, he actually throws to the second baseman with hopes of executing a double play? Really? I've never heard of that.

Most shortstops would field the ball, do a back flip and underhand the ball to first, with hopes of making a Web Gem.

George Grande needs to be stopped!

(Something to watch for during Reds-Cubs series: George Grande referring to Ernie Banks as Mr. Cub six times per inning.)

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com))