Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nerdy Baseball Questions. Forgive Me.

Two legitimate questions regarding baseball, the American sport my Redlegs seem to have forgotten how to play:

1. Do you need to play with a catcher?

2. Is it possible for a pitcher to get a win and a save in the same game? Let's say the starter--pitching on the winning side of a 1-0 game--goes 8.1 innings before a left-handed reliever comes in to face a difficult left-handed batter. Except that the reliever replaces an outfielder, and the starting pitcher stays in the game and mans the vacant outfield spot. After the 26th out of the game is retired, the reliever and the starting pitcher swap positions. The starting pitcher then closes out the game in a save situation...does he get the save to go along with his win?

Get Bill James on the phone, dammit!

-Brad Spieser (


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