Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They Don't Always Call Traveling Violations

While searching for video of Kirilenko's flop from Monday night I stumbled upon something even better: videos of egregious traveling violations that (somehow) weren't called.

Up first, my favorite...Dan Majerle taking six steps. SIX! No whistle.

Next, a usual suspect: Dwyane Wade...

Finally, a video titled "Another LeBron James travel." People are bitter. People are awesome.

(Note: I chose not to post LeBron's game-winner from the Washinton series in '07; everybody's already seen that. Ditto for Jeff Green's in the tourney last year for Georgetown. Also, I searched long and hard for a ridiculous Scottie Pippen non-travel I saw on a SportsCenter highlight from my youth, but came up empty. Anyway...)

Self-serving bonus coverage...

While thinking about uncalled traveling violations, I recalled one from the not-so-distant past that made me want to stab everybody I've ever met who wasn't named Mom. I searched, and sure enough, the video was on YouTube.

This from the hyper-intense 2005 second round tourney game between UC and UK. Early in the first half, UK was rolling (this was before Nick Williams got hot), and Patrick Sparks threw a backdoor alley-oop to Rajon Rondo. The place went nuts. I cursed the heavens. Replay of the play led to me breaking a garbage can at work (and cursing the heavens some more). See for yourself.

Patrick sparks took approximately ninety steps without dribbling. In a tourney game! How is that possible? The zebras clearly bet on Kentucky that day. And Jay Bilas was obviously rooting for the Wildcats, because he didn't mention the blatant non-call while the replay was rolling. Whatever.

I have trouble letting go of the past.

Keep the change, you filthy animals.

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)