Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Since there isn't currently anything happening in the world that I find compelling enough to write about, I will continue to be a talentless hack and post links to youtube videos and articles written by someone else. I really need football season to start so I can bore everyone with unfortunate tales of my gambling losses. Until then...

If you have paid even the slightest bit of attention to any of Brad's podcasts or my blog entries, you would have noticed the way we deal with race. Keep in mind, I try to avoid blanket statements at all cost, but it's really very simple. Blacks are awesome. Whites are lame.

Earlier tonight, my old roommate Brad Vitucci sent me a youtube video entitled "White People Dancing" and asked me to post it. After watching the video, I realized it looks just like every high school dance or wedding full of whites that I've ever attended. Since I wasn't sure how I should go about posting it, I immediately searched for a video under the heading "Black People Dancing." I decided I was going to post the first video that popped up. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how these two videos compare. Have a look for yourself:



James Brown, Michael Jackson, Hammer, Usher, Chris Brown etc. The list goes on and on. Look, it's not exactly breaking news that whites can't dance. Sure, we can claim Justin Timberlake, but who is the best white dancer after that? John Travolta? Ren McCormack from FOOTLOOSE? Blacks are just better at everything. They run faster, jump higher, dance better and have bigger schlongs. Since those are the only things that I actually care about, it obviously sucks to be a white.

Cam Carey would play for free (8/9/07)