Sunday, August 26, 2007


Brad Spieser is a very good friend of mine, and I don't want to my blasting of him to turn into a regular thing. Unfortunately, he doesn't listen, and some things I just can't let slide. Two weeks ago, I asked MR. TWINKILLING DOT COM himself to please refrain from posting on hip-hop and other topics outside of his wheelhouse. However, Brad ignored my advice and recently published a very detailed post about why Sean Kingston bugs him. (How someone could single Kingston out of FOUR BILLION annoying, innocuous and disposable pop artists/songs is beyond me. How do you differentiate between them? Anyway...) Included in the post were these two utterly ridiculous statements that I have a problem with:

"So which one is it, guy, are you Aaron Neville or NWA? Pick one but not both."

Um, you actually can be both. It's called being real. That's why, for example, 2PAC had songs play back to back like "Keep Ya Head Up" and "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. No one is a gangster or killer at all times, but no one is a love sick sap at all times, either.

"the next time I see a prominent member of hip hop culture publicly concerned with a girlfriend will be the first."

Quickly Brad, name the five hip-hop cd's in your car at the present time. What? You don't have any? What about on your Ipod? If you did you would know just what an idiotic statement that is. Just off the top off my head I was able to come up with the following "prominent members of hip hop culture" who have included an ode to their woman on an album:

2PAC- "Me and My Girlfriend"
Jay-Z- "Song Cry", "Soon You'll Understand" and "Lost One"
Eminem- "Crazy In Love"
50 Cent- "21 Questions", "Build You Up"
LL Cool J- "Hey Lover", "Around The Way Girl" and "I Need Love"
Common- "The Light", "Retrospect For Life" and "Come Close"

Those were songs by JUST THE LEGENDS that I could instantly recall. There are uncountable others by artists with less fame and staying power. Judging by Brad's statement, I'm sure he's under the impression that all "hip-hop" is of the ignorant, misogynistic or stunt-tastic variety that you are most likely to hear in the club or see on TV, but that just isn't the case. This ignorant statement makes him come off no different than the crusty, middle aged, nerdy white media that he's rails against. Come on, Brad. You're better than that.

Finally, here is a list of topics that Brad Spieser should and shouldn't comment on:

Brad should comment on:
1) OSU Football
2) wieners and other borderline gay topics
3) weird behavior such as claiming to be in a bar that you obviously aren't in, and oddly sticking to this story even though no less than four people who actually were in said bar never saw you there.

Brad should not comment on:
1) Anything hip-hop related
2) Anything relating to Pete Mackanin

Cam Carey (8/26/07)