Monday, August 6, 2007


I must have watched the clip of X Games skater Jake Brown nearly dying at least 50 times in the past week, and I doubt it will ever get old. Nothing has ever been funnier than watching the slow motion clips of that poor jackass hitting the floor so hard that it literally knocks him out of his shoes. (Except maybe this) As Tony Hawk suggested during the ESPN broadcast, it may have been the heaviest slam of all time.

I was trying to find a more fierce accident, but I'm not sure one exists. However, while searching, I did stumble this cuh-lassic clip that never fails to elicit a laugh. This clown was traveling 50 MPH and the distance from the ramp to the building was 60 feet. Somehow, I doubt the NASA team that devised the great Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump was sought out for advice during the planning of this stunt. In my opinion, when you factor in the extraordinary amount of stupidity that went into this attempt, it ranks right up there with Jake Brown and the rest of the greats.

Cam (8/7/07)