Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What Else Can Go Wrong for the Bengals?

The more I think about it, there isn't much else to add about the Patriots' blowout of the Bengals. I think I pretty much said everything in my postgame blog Monday night, which can be found towards the bottom of this page. And I still feel optimistic about the rest of the season, although not as optimistic as two days ago.

Here's why: In a Wednesday afternoon column about the state of the team, this is what I had to read about the status of Willie Anderson, who is nursing foot and knee injuries:

"Lewis, however, did say he didn't expect Anderson to go on season-ending injured reserve."

Season-ending injured reserve? Whaaaaaaaa? Who said anything about that? Big Willie's a rock, an iron man. He'll be fine. All he needs is rest.

(Reality sinking in)...

The fact that the words INJURED and RESERVE were even used in the same sentence points to the severity of the injuries. It also scares the shit out of this guy (as I point to myself), and reminds me of the Rich Braham situation of 2006, when he was day-to-day for fourteen goddamn weeks.

If I were given 5-to-1 odds on Willie Anderson not playing another snap in 2007, I would gladly plunk down $50. This is not a good thing, although my 3-5 record picking "5 star locks of the millennium" suggests otherwise.

My advice to the coaching staff...

Since it looks as if Big Willie might be out for awhile, Marvin Lewis should move Andrew Whitworth to RT before breakfast. I can't handle another second of Scott Kooistra attempting to block talented, highly-paid mammals who would love to end Carson Palmer's life.

Who's with me? Does anyone want to sign a petition stating your displeasure with Scott Kooistra seeing significant playing time at RT?

Get back to me on that.

Christ, I'm getting tired, and I feel like I didn't accomplish my stated tasks. But I did post several pictures featuring hot animal sex, so I guess we'll call it even.

Now I'm off to watch boring baseball.

(Note: a new podcast will be posted Thursday afternoon. Keep checking back, peoples.)

-Brad Spieser