Friday, October 19, 2007

Locks of the Millennium

Some misguided losers are in to big boobs and long legs. Me? I'm a sucker for Texas Tech football. This old habit is impossible to break. Which is why--despite Clemson and Michigan State looking like winners--I have no choice but to advise you to wager all of your money on the OVER of Texas Tech/Missouri, which is currently a measly 75. It's a wonder I haven't found my way to Gamblers Anonymous.

As for my NFL lock of the millennium, I like the Bears (+5.5) at Philly.

(Note: I just realized that I have no idea why I continue this gimmick. My record is 4-8, I'm not putting money on these games myself and I really don't care whether I win or lose. It's basically just become something that annoys me when I'm trying to get drunk on Fridays. I don't know what this means long-term. Either way, my picks are guaranteed winners!)

-Brad Spieser