Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bengals 38 Points, Jets 31 Points

Remember the days of In Marvin We Trust? Those days are gone and almost forgotten. It was less than five minutes in to Sunday's crapfest when Bengals fans loudly voiced their displeasure towards the home team, although it felt like it was aimed directly at Marvin Lewis.

To me, this was the biggest story to emerge from the triumph over the lowly Jets. It was bigger than the victory itself and bigger than everything that went into it. Bigger than Kenny Watson's career day...bigger than the return of Willie Anderson...bigger than the D's performance in the second half...bigger than the semi-reemergence Glenn Holt...bigger than all of it.

And if you don't believe me, watch what happens if Pittsburgh grabs a quick 10-0 1st quarter lead next week. I'm telling you, this city is ready to discard Marvin Lewis. He's leaning and the fans won't hesitate to tip him over.

The leash is tighter than ever.

(Note: I'm off work Monday, which means that I'll wake up early (9:30ish), eat 30 mg of Aderall and write and write until I see visions of the Virgin Mary. The topic will be football. I'll give my thoughts on Paul Daugherty's telling Cincinnati Enquirer column about Chad Johnson, I'll post a hilarious fantasy football-related voice mail and I'll try to write about college football. And I'll probably talk about weiners, just to get my weekly quota out of the way. Stay tuned, jerks.)

-Brad Spieser