Monday, October 1, 2007

Bengals-Pats Prediction...Just Because

I see Carson Palmer playing well, but spending too much time on his back. My guess is six sacks allowed for the Bengals' O-Line.

I DO NOT see the Bengals getting a finger on Tom Brady.

I see not one, but two trick plays attempted by the desperate Bengals.

I see Kenny Watson rushing for less than 20 yards.

I see Carson Palmer throwing fifty passes.

I see the Bengals forcing multiple (I'll say three) turnovers against the mighty Pats.

I see myself being critical of something Marvin Lewis does tonight (stay tuned for the postgame mega-blog).

I see Wes Welker having somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 receptions.

I see the MNF crew moronically comparing Chad and TJ.

I see myself stopping right about now, mostly because I'm hungry for tacos and whatnot.

Final Score: Pats 35, Bengals 20.

(Note: Mark Curnutte even picked a Pats win, so you know the Bengals don't have a snowball's chance.)

-Brad Spieser