Sunday, October 28, 2007

Steelers 24 Points, Bengals 13 Points

I take notes when I watch Bengals games. This might seem like a fairly gay thing to do--and it is--but I do it for you (which kind of makes me similar to Bryan Adams!). And with every note I take, I significantly increase the potential of a semi-decent postgame column. It's simple math, really.

With that in mind, I'm not anticipating anything resembling semi-decent for the rest of this post.

Here's why: I only wrote down five words during Sunday's loss to the Steelers. Five words. Five. That says a lot. Typically, I cover two sheets of paper, front and back; probably a couple hundred words or so. Considerably more than seven. Perhaps more telling than the number of words is what was actually written. The first note simply said "Chad's drops." This is because Chad Johnson dropped two more balls today, and I thought I might want to make a comment about said drops. The other simply said "Kids building forts." This obviously has nothing to do with the sport of American football, but it speaks volumes about the state of the Bengals, and my interest in the present day squad. I mean, sure, I'll still watch, but you can forget about me being angry about things like Marvin Lewis' clock management, Chad Johnson's drops, or whatever.

I guess I'm just burnt out. Which is why I started wondering about important things Sunday afternoon, like...why do all kids enjoy building forts? You've probably never thought about it, but it's absolutely true. I need answers, dammit. Any child psychologists out there?

See, I told you this post would suck.

(Note: I'll post a new podcast Monday, and officially shift my focus to Ohio State football--Todd Boeckman might even receive an apology from this guy. As for now, I'm going to spend the next few hours eating tuna and staring at the wall, which will be just as stimulating than Sunday's Bengals-Steelers contest.)

(Note No. 2: My Halloween pictures will be posted soon. This should make you horny, especially when you consider that I wore nothing but spandex.)

-Brad Spieser