Thursday, January 15, 2009

Peter King: Nice Guy, Dumb Guy

Forgive me for possibly not being the first to say this, but Peter King is a dumb shit. About nine minutes ago I was making a toilet and needed a piece of literature to occupy my mind -- I chose Sports Illustrated's January 12, 2009 issue (which can also be found online at, an Internet website), and randomly chose page 66, which happened to be the page Sports Illustrated devoted to Peter King's All-Pro team.

And it didn't take long - just the second name from the top - for me to lose my goddamn mind. For those of you who so rudely didn't click the link I provided, I'll just inform you that accompanying Andre Johnson as a first-team wideout was...wait for it...wait for it...Wes Freaking Welker.

Wait, Mr.-10.5-yards-per-catch Wes Welker? Yep. Same guy.

Wait, Mr.-three-touchdowns-for-the-entire-season Wes Welker? Yep. Same guy.

But what about Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith, Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings or Antonio Bryant -- you know, receivers who are (a.) better, (b.) put up markedly better numbers, despite (c.) consistently drawing more attention from opposing defenders? Can't help ya, kid.

There was a period not too long ago when I looked forward to Peter King's MMQB, but I stopped when I concluded the following: He doesn't know a damn thing about football.

(Note: It's hard for me to bash King - a nice fellow who tipped me $20 about six months ago for doing very little work - but that's the kind of ruthless gangster you're dealing with here.)

So, while King quite obviously knows nothing about football, Lord Brian is fastly becoming America's most trustworthy handicapper. We bounced back in fine fashion yesterday with a 9-4-1 record, and I'm fully expecting the momentum to carry us trough the weekend.

Thursday's Vickers...


Nets (+2)
vs. Blazers

Bulls (+7.5) vs. Cavs


Northwestern (+4) vs. Purdue

St. Johnathons (+13) vs. UConnecticut

Loyola Chicago (+6.5) vs. Butler

The Fighting Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State (+3) at Western Kentucky

Rhode Island (+1.5) vs. Xavier

Oregon State (+6) vs. Washington State

Wisconsin (-6.5) vs. Minnesota

***The following pick might get removed - I like it, but Craig was on the fence and his phone died before we ever came to an agreement. I'm sure this decision will keep you on the edge of your seat.***

USC (+1) vs. Arizona State

Yesterday: 9-4-1
Overall: 216-180-11

-Brad Spieser (