Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Five Things...

1. Overrated and whatnot: Alice in Chains, Mike Tomlin, Raging Bull, naked girls, Chuck Taylor's, Lance Armstrong, Kate Hudson's posterior and Kid A.

2. Underrated and whatnot: Jeff Blake, Anna Kournikova, In Utero, chocolate milk, High Fidelity (the movie), muenster cheese and tennis.

3. Fact: Thumb wrestling has its own Wikipedia page.

4. Fact: Cracker's "Low," unquestionably one of the top 85 rock hits of the 90's, does not.

5. If queried, I'd tell you Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" is one of the twenty most annoying sounds to ever come out of my radio, and yet, I listen to it from beginning to end every time. At some point I'll have to classify this piece of music as something I really enjoy.

***Bonus round***

6. Wendy's five-piece chicken nuggets are no longer a 99-cent item. Fuckers.

Do you feel smarter? Are you ready for the Tuesday night Vickers? I thought so.


Maryland (-5) vs. Boston College

Baylor (-1) vs. Texas

Utah (-4) vs. BYU


Tennessee Grizzly Bears (+6.5)
vs. Nuggets

Yesterday: 2-3
Overall: 261-234-13

In case you were wondering, this is the aformentioned Kings of Leon song that, I guess, I kind of like.

-Brad Spieser (Brad@TwinKilling.com)


Daniel Phillips said...

1. Kings of Leon are terrible. I don't get what the big deal is.

2. There is no way that the 5 piece nugget is more than 99 cents. If they are, then they are fuckers.

3. Kate Hudson might be overrated, but I think every male would do her if they had the chance.

Twin Killing dot Com said...

It isn't a matter of having sex with a Hollywood star----that much is a no-brainer. It's that Hudson weighs about 105 lbs., and sports no rack whatsoever...so the fact that she has a lovely is ass is quite surprising. A Vickers, if you will.

Daniel Phillips said...

A Vickers indeed