Monday, January 12, 2009

Brian Vickers: Prognosticator Of Prognosticators

We only picked three games Monday, but I'm guaranteeing - yes, guaranteeing - a winning record for the Brian Vickers System. For those who don't have their TI-82 calculators handy, that means winning at least two of our selected games (or somehow winning one with two pushes). Anyway, Lord Brian continues to deliver the goods.

So Brad, who ya gots tonight?


Louisville (-6)
vs. Notre Dame

Appalachian State (+10.5) vs. Davidson


Bulls (+2.5)
vs. Blazers

Yesterday: 4-5-1
Overall: 205-167-10

(Note: Eight dollars goes to the first reader who gets the pop culture reference in the title)

-Brad Spieser (