Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making Fun Of Alan Cutler

I spent the last thirteen-and-a-half minutes Googling the following: "Alan Cutler is a loser," "Alan Cutler is a shithead," "Alan Cutler is an embarrassment to his profession," "Alan Cutler works for free," "Alan Cutler has no friends," "Alan Cutler laughs at his own jokes," "Alan Cutler studies the game of baseball," "Alan Cutler has studied the game of baseball for fifty-plus years," "Alan Cutler has a mustache" and "Alan Cutler is talented."

Unfortunately, nothing came up. The only thing worse than be hated is being ignored.

Thursday night Vickers...


Magic (-4.5)
vs. Cavs


Iowa (+6)
vs. Michigan State

Virginia Tech (-1) vs. Clemson

Gonzaga (-9) vs. St. Mary's

UCLA (-9.5) vs. Cal

Yesterday: 7-2
Overall: 269-239-13

And just or the hell of it, here's a bit more of Alan Cutler acting like an idiot (a.k.a. himself)

-Brad Spieser (