Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brian Vickers: Not Afraid To Back Favorites

Did I stop drinking last night at 10:30 as a service to the Gambling Gamblers of America? Yes. Did I, as a man of considerable faith, and following the guidance of Lord Brian, wake up at 9:00 a.m. to get on the same page as my heterosexual lifemate Craig, who's on a break at his dumb job in Cleveland, Ohio? You know it.

The Vickers produced a 4-2 record Friday; we sit at 40 games over .500, and another big day Saturday might officially get someone's attention out in Vegas. Regardless, we have cash riding on a fairly ridiculous 22 games today, and once again the lines are quite stupid - although different than usual. Saturday calls for us to back a lot of favorites - twelve total - whereas the number would ordinarily be around five.

Have no fear, boys and girls, the Brian Vickers System is here to save you...


Duke (-9)
vs. Georgetown

Missouri (-15.5) vs. Iowa State

Florida (-10) vs. Arkansas

Auburn (-5) vs. Alabama

Texas A & M (+3.5) vs. Oklahoma

Illinois Chicago (+3) vs. Butler

Georgia Southern (+12) vs. Davidson

Clemson (-2) vs. Wake Forest

Michigan State (-8) vs. Illinois

Texas Tech (+5.5) vs. Texas

Utah (-16.5) vs. Colorado State

Louisville (-2.5) vs. Pitt

East Carolina (+3) vs. UTEP

Duquesne (-1.5) vs. Dayton

USC (-7) vs. Arizona

Gonzaga (-26.5) vs. San Francisco

Marshall (+10) at Tulsa

North Carolina (-16.5) vs. Miami

Providence (+1.5) vs. Marquette

Washington (-10) at Oregon State


Nets (+7)
vs. Celtics

Bobcats (+2.5) vs. Blazers

Bulls (+3.5) vs. Spurs

Yesterday: 4-2
Overall: 226-186-11

(One other thing: You might be wondering, "Why is a provocative photograph of the lady from Judging Amy at the top of this post?" And I have an answer for you: While I was typing up this little thing I happened to have Heat on in the background (only the second time I've ever seen it), and Sweet Christ, I do not recall her being that attractive! But she is. And now you know. And now you know that I know that you know. Good luck today, jerks.)

-Brad Spieser (