Saturday, January 10, 2009

Follow Lord Brian To Freedom

I am presently at the library, therefore a picture will not be accompanying this post. I'm once again having computer issues that are leaving me with unpleasant thoughts. I purchased my computer a little less than two years ago for Twelve-hundred American dollars ($1,200). At the moment I still owe the fine people at Dell $1,200 (can I get an AMEN for minimum payments!!!), and if that piece of shit blows up before I pay it off, well, I'm going to the local dynamite store, asking for the good stuff in back and ending this thing. (Note: Interpret "this thing" however you please)


Even with a devastating push thrown in (Kings +4), The Brian Vickers System had another solid day yesterday (2-1-1). The good times continue today with a record-setting twenty-one games! Are we getting greedy? Hell no -- there are some bizarre lines out there, and I'd be shocked if we finished with anything less than a 12-9 record.

Saturday's picks...


Panthers-Cardinals UNDER


Georgia (+8.5)
vs. Tennessee

Louisville (+2.5) at Villanova

Clemson (-11.5) vs. NC State

Michigan State (-6) vs. Kansas

Kansas State (+1) vs. Oklahoma

Florida State (+9.5) vs. Duke

Depaul (-7) vs. South Florida

Nebraska (+2.5) vs. Missouri

Colrado State (+9.5) vs. BYU

Cincinnati University Fighting Bearcats (+8.5) vs. UConnnecticut

TCU (+3.5) vs. UNLV

Washington (-4.5) vs. Cal

Dartmouth (+8) vs. Harvard

Indiana State (+9.5) vs. Illinois State

SMU (+6) vs. UTEP

Mississippi State (+6.5) at Arkansas

The Citadel (+17) vs. Stephen Curry is going to score 75 points today


Timberwolfs (-2)
vs. Bucks

Jazz (-10) vs. Pistons

Blazers (-12) vs. Warriors

Yesterday: 2-1-1
Overall: 188-156-7

-Brad Spieser (