Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Hours Of Sleep Can't Stop The Vickers

This person (me) got exceptionally cocky yesterday, and paid dearly. An 8-14-1 record is the opposite of cool.

Other things that aren't cool:

1. getting punched in the head.

2. hillbillies

3. most wiggers (including Eminem, most of the time)

4. olives

5. pets

6. Tim Roth

7. Qadry Ismail

8. heat (technically speaking, I'm correct)

9. anybody who believes in karma

10. Bruce Springsteen (and his stupid fans)

11. cantaloupe

12. anyone with a convertible

13. stepping in puddles

Sunday's picks...


Raptors (+4) vs. Suns

Thunder (pick em) vs. Heat


Purdue (-12.5) vs. Iowa

Georgia (+8) vs. Kentucky

Northwestern (-1) vs. Minnesota

LaSalle (+12) vs. Xavier

Yesterday: 8-14-1
Overall: 234-200-12

-Brad Spieser (