Monday, January 19, 2009

Underrated Movies, Questioning Sam Wyche, Etc.

Eleven things...

1. Mystery, Alaska is a great film. Great.

2. Cheviot has a Wikipedia page.

3. Surf Cincinnati does not.

4. Twenty years ago my heart was ripped out when John Taylor caught a ten-yard pass with 34 seconds remaining. Today I direct my rage towards Sam Wyche, who kept all three timeouts in his pocket as Joe Montana was adding to his legacy. (Why have I never heard anyone -- anyone -- talk about this? Can you imagine if there were blogs back then? Questions, man. Questions.)

5. I continue to sit down when I pee.

6. I continue to pee in the shower.

7. I continue to sit down in the shower.

8. I have never peed sitting down in the shower.

9. I continue to hate anyone who drives a convertible.

10. Trajan Langdon's dad looks like a janitor.

11. I've found nothing to fill the void left by The Wire, and I'm pretty sure I'll spend my next hundred years feeling the same way.

-Brad Spieser (