Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hotter Than A Young Alyssa Milano

Eight wins against only three losses Tuesday!

If you gamble at all, or if you know anyone who likes sweet action on athletic contests, you must spread the word of the almighty Brian Vickers System. It's not possible to be more legit than the original Stanley Burrell, but goddamit...we're putting some heat on the man. And since I have nothing else for you, I've added something at the bottom of this post that will (or at least should) brighten your day: A six-plus minute video of Mike Schank (of American Movie fame) clips.

Anyway, Wednesday's picks...


Celtics (-10) vs. Rockets

Bucks (-7.5) vs. 76ers

Nuggets (-5.5) vs. Heat

Jazz (-4) vs. Hornets


South Florida (+10.5) vs. Louisville

Harvard (+16.5) at Boston College

Depaul (+13) at Syracuse

Indiana (+8) vs. Michigan

Northwestern (+7) at Wisconsin

Yesterday: 8-3
Overall: 179-149-6

Promise to the people: My next post will not - in any way - be gambling related.

-Brad Spieser (