Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fact: Most Gay Nerds Can't Chug Whiskey

Annoying movie/television trend No. 1,256: Any time someone takes a giant swig from a bottle of booze (video below) in order to deal with a difficult situation. Listen, less than two percent of the population are able to nonchalantly take three gulps from a bottle of Jack Daniel's, and it's rarely the type of people portrayed on television and film. When Jeremy Piven's character in Entourage, Ari Gold, a proponent of healthy living, effortlessly sucks down an entire bottle of bourbon during a four-minute conversation I start pulling my hair out. Why am I supposed to believe this is possible? Because he just got fired? A non-drinker is a non-drinker, plain and simple. Why is this any different than having Meryl Streep dunking on an eleven-foot hoop?

Jesus, I know it's Hollywood and all, and I know I shouldn't really care, but I do. Probably a little too much.

Anyway, Tuesday's Vickers...


Grizzly Bears (+8.5) vs. Cavs

Timberwolfs (+1)
vs. Heat

Rockets (+4)
vs. Lakers

Suns (-7.5) vs. Hawks


Indiana (+16.5)
at Ohio State

Tulsa (+6.5) vs. Memphis

Kansas State (+7.5) at Kansas

Tennessee (-6) vs. Kentucky

Yesterday: 1-2
Overall: 206-169-10

-Brad Spieser (


Jeff said...

Brutal night for Lord Brian. Fuckin Jodie Meeks

Twin Killing dot Com said...

The Timberwolfs and Rockets could not have botched the last fifty seconds any more. Besides that, our other losses weren't even close. We're still 31 games over .500, though -- not terrible.